100 Everyday Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Mental Health

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If you had only one wish for your child’s future what would it be?

Many of us would say “I want my child to be happy”, but what does that really mean?

Would it mean your child would grow up to love who they are as a person, knowing their strengths and challenges, and able to offer those gifts to the world in a meaningful way? Click here to read more…

How To Get the Most Out of Your Mental Health Therapy Sessions, Overcome Hurdles & Accomplish Goals

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Attending therapy is a great way to improve your mental health, grow as a person, and develop your relationships. It can also be expensive, inconvenient, and draining, which makes it a self-care practice that can be hard to keep up, particularly if you feel as though you aren’t making progress. Click here to read more…

Talking to Your Teen About Mental Health and Depression (Without Saying ‘Mental’ or ‘Depression’)

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Day to day ups and downs are a normal part of adolescence, making it difficult to distinguish between normal teenage moodiness and depression. Teens might not always be able to articulate what they’re going through, and they might not want to talk about it to you, but starting the conversation will help to protect their mental well-being. Click here to read more…

Correction Through Connection. As it turns out, there is no other way.

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As part of discovering their very important place in the world, our children and teens will often behave in ways that are, let’s say, wildly short of ‘adorable’. They will explore, experiment, push to find the limits, and exercise their independence. As parents, this can be triumphant and wonderful to watch. At other times, it can bring us to our knees. We might yell, say things we regret, or say reasonable things in ways we regret. We’re human.It’s going to happen. Click here to read more…

When Self-Care Becomes a Weapon

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Every day we are bombarded with a new product that will save us. Many of these marketing efforts are directed at women. Women are struggling with their mental health at alarming rates. According to the American PsychiatricAssociation, each year 1 in 5 women in the United States struggles with a diagnosable mental health condition. Women are also twice as likely as men to experience generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder. Click here to read more…

My Child Recovered From Her Addiction. But I’m Not Sure I Ever Really Will.

A text from my daughter popped up on my phone the other day. “I need to talk to you.”

I immediately texted back, “All OK?”

When she called, it turned out she had a question about her new dog and what kind of food to get him. We had a nice conversation about pet care and dog food, just a normal chat like so many we’ve had in the past. Click here to read more…