Addiction begins with trauma, says Guelph overdose survivors

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The term overdose doesn’t seem to raise the same level of alarm it once did, says Jason Wolstenholme, speaking at the third annual Overdose Awareness Day event in downtown Guelph.

They’re still happening in the community, at an increased rate, but now an overdose doesn’t necessarily mean death for the one experiencing it, he said. That’s because of the widespread availability of Naloxone, a medication that temporarily reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. Click here to read more…

Childhood trauma is a complex beast – but understanding it can help you deal with scars of the past

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Kim Barthel is the kind of person I’d want to be sitting next to in a bunker when the bombs are raining down outside. She exudes warmth and kindness, the kind of energy that could be wrapped around anyone in need.

The Canadian occupational therapist has been travelling to Asia to teach for 12 years and was back again this summer to spend a couple of months lecturing in Hong Kong and China – only this time it was different. Click here to read more…

My Child Recovered From Her Addiction. But I’m Not Sure I Ever Really Will.

A text from my daughter popped up on my phone the other day. “I need to talk to you.”

I immediately texted back, “All OK?”

When she called, it turned out she had a question about her new dog and what kind of food to get him. We had a nice conversation about pet care and dog food, just a normal chat like so many we’ve had in the past. Click here to read more…

How to Recognize and Overcome Trauma

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Psychological trauma impacts many of us—it is estimated 70 percent of adults in the U.S. will experience some type of traumatic event in their lifetime, with 20 percent going on to develop post-traumatic stress disorder after the fact. 

Trauma is an emotional response to a negative event. The effects of trauma can be overwhelming and difficult to understand and move on from. Because trauma can be so hard to process, it’s often difficult to understand the full impact it has on our lives. Click here to read more…

What ‘Rocketman’ Tells Us About Pain and Addiction

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“Rocketman” is a new biopic about the legendary singer Elton John. The emotionally-driven musical fantasy takes some liberties with certain details of John's life, but it illuminates an essential truth: childhood trauma can lead to pain, addiction and other severe health problems.

The movie is generating some Oscar buzz, but it offers more to viewers who want to see how painful childhood experiences can adversely affect people when they become adults. Click here to read more…

10 Things To Know If You Love Someone With PTSD

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Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that can be triggered by experiencing or witnessing something traumatic. Many people think of PTSD as a disorder that only military veterans deal with, but it can also occur in reaction to other distressing events like sexual violence, a physical assault, childhood or domestic abuse, a robbery, the sudden death of a loved one, a terrorist attack or a natural disaster. Click here to read more…