What ‘Rocketman’ Tells Us About Pain and Addiction

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“Rocketman” is a new biopic about the legendary singer Elton John. The emotionally-driven musical fantasy takes some liberties with certain details of John's life, but it illuminates an essential truth: childhood trauma can lead to pain, addiction and other severe health problems.

The movie is generating some Oscar buzz, but it offers more to viewers who want to see how painful childhood experiences can adversely affect people when they become adults. Click here to read more…

Calling Addiction A Disease Can Sometimes Hamper Recovery

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Drug addiction is a disease. That has long been the consensus in the medical community, and in recent decades it has filtered down to the general public.

The hope among public-health officials has been that such messaging decreases the moral stigma that traditionally surrounds addiction, and instead will inspire suffering people to stop blaming themselves and get professional help. But newly published research suggests this framework "may have unintended negative consequences." Click here to read more…

Nine Ways To Ensure Your Mindfulness Teaching Practice Is Trauma-Informed

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A recent MindShift article highlighted some things teachers should be aware of if they’re bringing mindfulness into their classrooms. Students may have experienced trauma that makes sitting silently with their eyes closed feel threatening, and teachers can’t assume it will be an easy practice for every child. That awareness is important to create an inclusive environment, but it doesn’t mean that teachers shouldn’t cultivate their own mindfulness practice or use some techniques with students. Click here to read more…

Young People's Mental Health Issues Skyrocketed Over The Last Decade, Study Finds

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Today's young people experience drastically more mental health issues than they did in the past decade, according to a new studypublished in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. In particular, the study showed a significant spike in psychological distress, major depression and suicidal ideation among Americans aged 12 to 25 after 2011. Click here to read more…