Melinda Gates on Five Ways to Give Back in Honor of International Day of the Girl

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Today is International Day of the Girl, a chance to celebrate girls around the world and reflect on the ways we can help them achieve their full potential.

The good news is that the data tells us that in many ways, there has never been a better time to be a woman. All around the world, women and girls are living longer, healthier, better lives than ever before. But the data also confirms what many of us know from experience—that in every country on every continent, we still have work to do to achieve gender equality. Click here to read more…

The Shocking Truth of What Causes Addiction

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What is Really Behind Addiction?

Ever notice how frequently the word “addict” is used? Just do a Google News search on the word and you’ll be shocked at just how often it’s used in a headline. Articles are plastered with mentions of drug addicts, sex addicts, gambling addicts, food addicts, shopping addicts, work addicts and internet addicts. “These people” are painted as out-of-control and often menaces to society who need to be stopped, jailed, medicated or otherwise cut off. Click here to read more…

Who likes to be alone? Not introverts, according to a new paper on personality and the experience of solitude

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Why do some people go to great lengths to have the chance to spend time by themselves, while others find solitude painful and forever crave company? The most obvious answer would seem to be that it relates to differences in social aspects of personality, and specifically that extraverts will find solitude painful while introverts will enjoy their own company more than anyone else’s. However, a new paper, published as a pre-print at PsyArXiv (not yet peer-reviewed), and involving three diary studies with hundreds of undergrad volunteers, suggests the truth is more complicated. Click here to read more…

'Don’t Think of Pink Elephants!’ – The Secret to Replacing Negative Thinking With Brave Thinking

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Negative thoughts are pushy little mojo-stealing pirates. They are persuasive, intrusive, and powerful. Our thoughts will influence how we feel, which will influence what we do and how we see ourselves. For our children and teens, negative or anxious thoughts can shrink their world and dilute their capacity to own their very important place in it. Negative thoughts will do that with all of us. Click here to read more…

Empathy: The Key To A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace

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When trying to foster a workplace that is equitable and inclusive for all, it is imperative for leaders to be well-trained in inclusive strategies. There is one key trait that all great leaders should possess. Some may call this trait the crème de la crème of all leadership traits: empathy. Empathy is our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of others and to understand what another person is experiencing. Leaders that are more empathetic may be more effective at fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces. How can organizations assess the empathy levels of prospective employees? And how can leaders develop and increase their empathy? Click here to read more…