20 Things People With Childhood Emotional Neglect Often Say

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Childhood Emotional Neglect is an ordinary, unremarkable experience that happens in legions of homes, to legions of children, every single day. Many such homes are loving and caring in every other way. 

It is also a powerful, painful process that leaves its mark on the child, who will grow up to suffer its results. Compounding the problem is the strong likelihood that the child, now an adult, will have no memory of what went wrong. Click here to read more…

What Is the Best Diet for Mental Health?

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Should you eat an apple—or a bag of Oreos? Go to McDonald’s—or the vegetarian restaurant on the corner?

When we make these everyday food choices, many of us think first of our physical health and appearance. But there’s another factor we may want to consider in picking foods: their impact on our mental health. Click here to read more…

Is Mental Illness Always a Factor in Suicide?

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Something important to understand is the role that mental illness plays in suicide.

Certain mental illnesses are associated with a higher suicide rate. Mood disordersanxiety disorderssubstance use disordersborderline personality disorder, and psychotic disorders like schizophreniaare associated with an increased suicide risk. Click here to read more…

How to Help Someone With PTSD

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If someone in your life is struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, you may wonder what to say or how to help. With PTSD, a disturbing event in the recent or distant past can cause intrusive memories, flashbacks and nightmares, unexpected outbursts, paralyzing fear and social avoidance. PTSD disrupts people's lives and relationships as it affects their ability to function. Click here to read more…

From Anxiety and Avoidance to Brave Behaviour – How Parents Can Make a Powerful Difference

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Part of our role as parents is providing our children with the experiences that will help them discover their everyday magic – their courage, resilience, resourcefulness and other qualities that will move them towards growth.

Sometimes though, anxiety will get in their way. Sometimes this will be fierce. Sometimes it will drive them to avoid the challenges, adventures and everyday experiences that will nourish them. This can be tough. We know they are strong enough and brave enough, but moving them forward through anxiety can push against every one of our parenting instincts. Something that can make it easier to move them towards brave behaviour instead of away from it can be understanding how something so right can feel so wrong. Click here to read more…

How Narcissists Blame and Accuse Others for Their Own Shortcomings

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People with strong narcissistic tendencies and other dark personality traits tend to blame others for their own bad behavior. If they are lying, then they will accuse others of lying. If they are cruel, they will say that others are cruel. If they are stealing and scamming, then they will accuse others of stealing and scamming. They never take responsibility, and it’s always someone else’s fault. Click here to read more…