What Not to Do When a Loved One Is Hurting

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 “It’s all for the best.” “He is in a better place.” “You will get over this.” “Time heals everything.” “You weren’t meant to be together.” “Everyone passes; it was her time.”

These are all well-meaning, and in most cases caring, things that people tend to say when someone they know or love is hurting. It’s painful for most people to watch a person they care about suffer and yet feel unable to do anything about it. Most people are uncomfortable with the pain of others’ suffering: They just don’t know what to do and how to help. Instead of just sitting with the pain, they offer condolences like those listed above.  Click here to read more...

How Reading Can Boost Empathy

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Here’s a question for you: how empathic do you think you are? As a teacher, it’s likely your answer will be ‘very’. But how empathetic do you think your pupils are? This answer may vary more.

In a society in which hate crimes are rocketing and public discourse is arguably more divisive ever, being able to empathise – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person – is something that every member of our society should be able to do.  Click here to read more...

Theo Fleury Brings a Message of Trauma and Healing

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On Thursday, January 18, 2018, Stony Mountain Institution (SMI) was honoured to host former NHL player Theoren (Theo) Fleury, who attended the institution to share his story of trauma and healing with offenders and staff.

Upon arrival, Theo was taken for a tour of the minimum security grounds and, of course, the outdoor hockey rink. His face instantly lit up as he walked onto the ice! Theo was particularly impressed with the old pull Zamboni and wool blanket used to flood the rink. In the Sport Shack and dressing rooms, Theo checked out the skate sharpener and sponge hockey shoes, and reminisced about playing sponge hockey as a youth growing up in Manitoba.  Click here to read more...

How to Have a Difficult Talk

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In any relationship, whether it’s with a work colleague, friend, partner, parent, sibling, there will often come a time where a hard conversation has to happen. They’re the conversations that need to be handled gently. The anticipation of them can easily have you imagining your relationship gasping for breath in that cold wasteland fed by misunderstandings, too much honesty, not enough honesty, and drunk texting. 


There will always be people who don’t deserve the gentle handling – the ones who cause more pain than joy. If a difficult conversation comes with a very real risk that they will get up and leave your life, let’s call that a reward for your honesty and be done with it. Glorious.  Click here to read more...

Utah Passes the Nation's First Free-Range Parenting Law

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Utah just passed the nation’s first free-range parenting law — permitting kids to play unsupervised or stay home alone, and protecting parents from the legal repercussions of giving their children more freedom. This is the polar opposite of helicopter parenting. As a mother of three, a clinical psychologist with a specialization in anxiety management, and a child advocate, I am thrilled: This is a first step in the right direction, and I hope the rest of the country follows suit. The new law gives parents permission to connect with what they believe is best for their children, and then to parent accordingly. This could bring pleasure back to parenting, while raising more durable and self-reliant kids.  Click here to read more...

Striking Up a New Friendship: It's Not So Easy

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Becoming socially isolated is more and more common. Friends may move away, or a job promotion may require putting down roots in a new place. Divorce itself can be as socially dislocating as a cross-country move. Working at home instead of an office can mean entire days without face-to-face contact with anyone. For someone who lives alone, the omission of workplace relationships can result in profound isolation.  Click here to read more...

What 1,147 Men Really Think About #MeToo

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Get a group of women together—over dinner, drinks, or direct message—and #MeToo eventually comes up. But broach the movement with the men in your life? We’re betting you’ll hear crickets. It’s understandable—we're in a brave new era without a rule book. It’s hard for men to know exactly what to say. (In fact, when Glamour tried to assign a male reporter to interview real men on their attitudes, he came back from the bars empty handed. "I’ve frankly never had such a dead end with a reported piece," he told us. No one, he said, was willing to say "anything worthwhile on the record."). Click here to read more...