Sandy Lake Health Authority
to Nov 30

Sandy Lake Health Authority

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November 29, 2018

During the day

Meet with the elementary school kids – offer 20-30 minutes, Q&A, pictures 

Meet with the high school kids – offer 20-30 minutes, Q&A, pictures 


Evening event

Enjoy dinner with guests and mingle

Theo will share his presentation, "The Power of Me Too"

Autograph session to follow


November 30, 2018 

 “Reflections on Healing and Trauma, a One-Day Conversation” workshop


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TEDx Vancouver
10:00 AM10:00

TEDx Vancouver

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When: Saturday, Sept. 8th 2018
EARLY BIRD Tickets: $99.99 - PURCHASE
Groups of 10+ enter 'TEDx10' at checkout to apply a 10% discount!

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PC Party of Prince Edward Island Spring Fundraiser
6:00 PM18:00

PC Party of Prince Edward Island Spring Fundraiser

Theo Fleury to speak at PC Party Spring Fundraiser

April 03, 2018

The Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island announced today that Theo Fleury will be the guest speaker at their Spring Fundraising Dinner on May 18th in Charlottetown.

Fleury has many notable accomplishments including NHL Stanley Cup Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and World Cup Junior Champion. However, what made him the top recruit for the keynote address at the dinner wasn’t necessarily his many athletic accomplishments – it was his advocacy and leadership on issues like mental health, addictions, sexual assault and sexual violence; all issues that the PC Party continues to champion here on Prince Edward Island.

Fleury is often most widely known for his time on the ice, but off the rink, his life once carried the markings of a troubled childhood, abuse and coping with emotional pain through addictive and self-destructive behaviours. Today, he is a survivor to many traumatic incidents that he recounts in his best-selling novels Playing with Fire and Conversations with a Rattlesnake. Fleury now focuses his time and energy on awareness, advocacy and motivating others to join him down a path of healing and recovery.

PC Leader James Aylward welcomes Fleury as the guest speaker and believes he will leave a lasting impression on everyone in attendance, “For years now our Caucus has been vocal about the same issues that Theo speaks so candidly about. We will not stand by and let vulnerable Islanders continue to fall through the cracks in the system. Like Theo, we want to turn our words into action as he has done and continue to help these Islanders to heal and recover in a safe environment here on Prince Edward Island.”

Fleury looks forward to speaking candidly on May 18th about how each and every Islander has a role to play in making changes in our society. “I look forward to speaking at the annual fundraising event in Charlottetown on May 18th; I want to show Islanders that with the proper support, a victim can become a survivor just like I did,” says Fleury.


For information on tickets please contact: or (902) 628-8679

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Kim and Theo: Now What? Let's Connect
9:00 AM09:00

Kim and Theo: Now What? Let's Connect

Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury are hosting a free workshop at the Globe Theatre (617 - 8 Avenue SW), which is also serving as a filmed pilot episode for a new YouTube show they will be launching. With that in mind, please note that there is a chance you will be filmed, so we will need your consent that this is okay.

The doors to the venue open at 8:15am, at which time you can check-in and find a seat in the theatre. The program will start promptly at 9am and will end at 3pm with a one-hour break for lunch at noon. Again, this event is free to attend but we require you email an RSVP to if you plan to join us as there is limited seating. 

If you have never been to a Kim and Theo event, here is the best we can describe it:

Theo Fleury is a hockey legend whose life experiences serve to illuminate how resilience is possible. Kim Barthel trains therapists and teachers all over the world about making sense of complex behaviour. But you'd never see her with a hockey stick and you wouldn't see him writing about neurobiology. Or so we would have thought…

Factory workers, executives, homeless people, from Christians to Buddhists and every shade of grey and purple in between, young and old - all find something in Kim and Theo's conversations that they can relate to. The secret in the sauce, the critical ingredient that they're essentially modelling, is respectful connection. But they're both works in progress, they're likeable, they're approachable, they have humility, they're both great storytellers, they're real people. No more, no less.


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